Tennessee’s Scariest Places and Their Shivering Stories

Tennessee has its fair share of scary places that will keep you up all night, but some are more haunted than others. If you’re looking for a good scare this Halloween season, these eerie spots might be just what you need! Here are the 7 scariest places in Tennessee that will keep you up all night.

1. The Bell Witch Cave (Adams City)

2.Tennessee State Prison (Nashville)

Have you heard about the movie, “The Green Mile”? Then you’re already familiar with this haunted horror. The brooding building is situated on the edge of Nashville, its history vibrant with prison riots and violent deaths and is known as the former home of “Old Sparky,” the state’s electric chair where more than 100 prisoners noises and unexpected971-400-6420footsteps heard byjennifer.davis@exprealty.comvisitors.Themaximum-securityprison has been abandoned since

3. Sensabaugh Tunnel (Church Hill)

This Haunted Tunnel located in Church Hill, Tennessee is not for the faint of heart. The tunnel gets its name from the Sensabaugh family’s ruling patriarch, who was known for his sharp wit and commanding presence. He built the tunnel in the 1920s and legend has it he murdered his wife and daughter only a few years later. He dumped their bodies in the tunnel. Ghost hunters say that you can hear their terrifying screams through the darkness of the tunnel. Broken by grief and anger for what the man did, he wandered the woods and tunnel for years. People report that their car’s ignition cuts at the tunnel entrance with the engine refusing to turn over. Creepy.

  1. In March 2020, it was heavily damaged by a tornado.

4.Gaylord Opryland Hotel (Nashville)

Behind the luxurious side of this hotel are creepy stories. Gaylord Opryland Hotel frst welcomed customers in 1977 and it became the town’s most opulent hotel. The Hotel’s Black Lady, who wears a black gown and drapes a veil to hide her face, is said to be the ghost that haunts its hallways. Mrs. McGavock, who owned the property’s grounds and was killed there by a falling chandelier, is the supposed mystery woman.

5.Bijou Theatre (Knoxville)

Known to be one of the city’s oldest buildings, Bijou Theatre was built in 1817 and was once a hotel, brothel, and a Civil War hospital. The building’s atmosphere was so thick with death that many troops took their last breath in this place. General William P. Sanders was buried at the entrance of Bijou. In case you’re not familiar with him, he is a well-known offcer of the Union Army in the American Civil War. Paranormal experiences like tugging of clothes or ghostly voices being heard happened to the workers of the building. Security hears footsteps all night long along the catwalk above the stage.

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